The Future Of Health Insurance


The many different factors that determine eligibility for health care is a factor that must be considered concerning the future of American health care. Health care has always been advertised as a right for Americans citizens, but in reality it is considered a commodity that only the rich and famous can afford.With this in mind, money reasons are only one reason while health reasons are equally a deciding factor concerning health care insurance. The real truth involves the health insurance companies who have the last word concerning who is qualified and eligible for health insurance coverage and is weighted against their health history and lifestyle choices. The proposed health care changes coming soon down the pike are supposed to level the eligibility playing field for everyone regardless of health issues. However, this will not completely remedy the health care problems, because the health insurance premiums will be the next big issue to be debated.The problem with health insurance within the United States is the fact that it is considered a business and as such it is designed to turn a profit. In the insurance game, those that get sick and actually use their health insurance are not of benefit to anyone because they take away from the profitability of the business itself. When it comes to health care coverage this should not be the case but it is.As a result the entire insurance industry is just a numbers game. The insurance companies need to take in more money then they pay out and as a result every time they pay out to an insured they in effect wind up raising the cost of health insurance. And since little is actually being done to keep the costs down in the medical community the prices of health insurance are raising each and every day. With no ceiling at the top of this industry it is one that will be collapsing before long.Unfortunately, the only way to gain control over the industry for insurance companies is to deny, deny, deny and this is not good for business. Health insurance needs to be taken out of the private business sector and become a government system that doesn’t turn a profit. In the long run this is the only way that health insurance will remain in existence throughout the United States. It is time that people stopped profiting off of other people’s suffering and therefore it is time to turn the insurance industry back over to the people.
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