Should The US Have Universal Health Care?


When it comes to health care, there is no question that everyone agrees that no one should be without. Although there are differing opinions on how to achieve this, virtually everyone can agree on the principle of general care for all. However, the issue becomes more complicated when money gets involved, as suddenly, the argument turns from “how do we provide care?” to “who is going to pay for it?” For many years in the United States, health care options have been limited to those that can either afford to pay for services out of pocket and those that have private health insurance.So how do we pay for health care? That is the question as those who have it like things just the way they are and those who do not have it and becoming more and more concerned that their needs won’t be tended to without quality health care. It’s an interesting dilemma that has politicians and just about everyone else scrambling for answers, but the one thing that is certain is that something needs to be done. For years, every health care option has been a matter of those who can afford insurance, those who have employers who pay for it and those who have neither of those options.Now, because of the various debates, the United States government has come up with a third option and that means universal healthy care so that everyone can be covered regardless of their job or economic status. Most Western countries, including the United Kingdom, offer universal health care providing benefits for all of its citizens, but the United State has been reluctant to so. The universal plan would involve offering health care to all, but once again, it is a controversial topic when it comes down to who will pay for it.Opponents of universal health care claim that it would put private insurance companies out of business and make it impossible to choose their own doctors or specialists. They claim that the private companies could never compete with the resources of the government. There is also a great concern that the quality of universal health care is that it would drive down the quality of care provided by universal health care.Both sides have valid arguments and it isn’t likely to be decided any time soon, but it is important for President Obama to come up with a plan that works on both sides of Capital Hill. Universal health care would require a massive overhaul of the current system and no one will be completely happy, but it is likely to happen with cooperation from everyone ending in a compromise.
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