Examination Of The High Cost Of Medical Care


Health care has been a hot topic of conversation over the last year or so. Escalating health care costs have many individuals searching for alternatives and even more hoping that health care reform will be the answer to their prayers. People complain about the costs and are quick to assume that companies are lining their pockets. This isn’t the case and more awareness needs to be sent via the various kinds of media.The biggest factor in the rising costs of medical care is the astronomical expense doctors incur for medical malpractice insurance. This is a litigious society we live inand every doctor and hospital has to have this insurance due to the number of lawsuits presented each year. In some areas of healthcare such as obstetrics, many doctors have decided to retire early because the cost of malpractice insurance is out of control. Medical residents are carefully choosing medical fields where the malpractice insurance isn’t over the top.With the unemployment rate high and poor economic conditions, patients are unable to pay their medical bills. Without this income, how can doctors pay their own bills? Due to these two factors, medical fees are increased as a way to increase income and thus a vicious cycle begins. We as a society need to face these issues and come up with multiple solutions if we want to stabilize medical costs.And as the cost of health care continues to rise so do your health insurance premiums. So while it may seem to most Americans that the cost of health care is rising out of control this is not happening without cause or reason and the two problems with the system are ones that are being created by the general public. Most people are looking for someone to blame instead of looking in the mirror.Unless these issues are addressed, with or without health care reform, the medical situation will remain the same or continue to grow out of control. Some college students see the writing on the wall and smaller applicants are applying to medical school. There are some medical fields that are dwindling because the doctors cannot afford the malpractice insurance premiums. If this cycle continue there will be a shortage of medical doctors to accommodate the number of growing patients as the mortality age continues to rise.
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