How to Find Wealth in Health

How to Find Wealth in Health

Three easy-to-follow tips on how you can find time for health, happiness and wealth. These tips are important and applicable to everyone.

Did you know about this? The word ‘wealth’ is derived from the old English word wela, meaning ‘to be well’ and from the medieval English weal, meaning wellbeing. Therefore, we can conclude that the soul of wealth has to do with our health.

“The first wealth is health.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

How often do you hear people say they want to have a million bucks by age something-something?

And what about their hopes on retirement from work by age something-something and go touring around the world?

The truth is we hear such proclamations from everyone all the time – even from ourselves sometimes! Realize that, however, we need to be in the pink of health in order to truly enjoy whatever wealth we possess.

The irony in life we often expend much of our energies and youth pursuing wealth only to find that we no longer have the kind of good health a young adult would have to enjoy the accumulated fortune. Are you guilty of this too?

Indeed, good health translates literally to wealth and the reverse may not be true. The good news is you need not spend huge amounts to achieve a reasonable state of wellbeing.

Here are three quick fun and free ideas you can easily adapt into your everyday activities. Practice and use them wisely for they will eventually save you a fair bit of money and keep you in terrific shape to meet your daily challenges.

1) Exercise for FreeWe often frown at expensive gym memberships. For those who succumb and subscribe to gym packages, many have the tendency not to workout due to time constraints. Then how about taking a spot of walking or gentle jogging in public parks or by the beach instead? It helps to bum off the excess pounds with beautiful scenery to boot. Best of all, everything is free!

2) Eat at HomeIn most countries, eating at home is far cheaper even though it may not as convenient. The important benefit most people do not realized is eating at home means you will be control of what goes into your body such as the amount of nutrition and unhealthy seasoning. Depending on where you live, you can actually save plenty of money in the long run just by eating home-cooked food frequently.

3) Health Checks for FreeAs we age, our bodily functions tend to deteriorate. Hence, general health screenings are essential as part of preventive healthcare and to identify potential ailments in their early stages. But instead of having a health screening at more expensive hospitals, opt to be screened by community providers and at public health seminars. In such instances, the medical staffs are largely volunteers and their charges are nominal or free!

These simple tips will not cost you much to implement but are guaranteed to bring you success in personal wealth and health management. Of course, it is not necessary for you to go for all three techniques at the same time. Take time to explore and see what is most effective for you.

Finally, remember this: even if you do not end up with a million bucks in your bank accountFree Articles, at least you will have a million healthy cells on your body. Thanks for reading and I wish you ‘good wela’!