Staying Slim For Spring

Staying Slim For Spring

Okay so you’ve worked your butt of all winter long, putting in those grueling workout hours day in and day out. You’ve lost a few pounds and you even have some nice defined muscle on your body to show for all of your hard work.

First off congratulate yourself on this accomplishment, it takes a lot determination and will power to get this farm, so go ahead and give yourself a pat on your back.

So you might think to yourself that since you worked so hard throughout the winter, you can “slack off” a bit and indulge in those “spring foods”.

What kinds of spring foods you ask?

Here’s a quick list…




Ice cream

Salads loaded with mayo

Spring beverages (ice cap, margaritas, iced coffee)

…those kinds of things

So of course there will be some challenges in terms of watching what you eat, but if you want to maintain the results you got or maybe want to see a bit more results then you still have to put in the effort to focus on your workouts and watching what you eat.

And as usual if you do this 80% of the time then you have that 20% to enjoy some ice cream, or have a burger at a family picnic – You have to enjoy your life too…right?!

But eating well is one part to staying slim this spring.

You also have to keep your workouts up to par buy working out at least 3 times a week.

With the warmer weather here this makes getting your daily does of exercise a lot easier than in the winter.

You’ve probably heard the same old generic stuff to being fit in the spring. Yeah you can do things like riding your bike, going for walks, and so on. But if you really want to spice things up then what you can try to do is bump up the intensity on your favorite exercises.

For example, lets say you’re doing your workout outside. Instead of performing lunges on a flat surface, while not do it up a hill?

Or if normal push-ups are too easy, lift one leg up to place more weight on your upper body.

So you see being active is one thing but changing the intensity level of your activities can really speed up your results and can result in you becoming more fit a lot faster.

But before I finish off this weeks newsletterScience Articles, remember that “You Get What You Give”.

If you give 110% during all your workouts and have the discipline to stay away from foods that pack on the pounds then you’ll see 110% results. And at that point I don’t see why you can’t go out and buy yourself a nice new spring dress!